Shiraz Metro

Shiraz metro will be the subway system of Shiraz, the capital city of Fars Province and the largest city in southern Iran with a population of over 1.2 million in the city and over 1.7 million in the metropolitan area. Construction of Shiraz Metro began in 2001 because of traffic problems and high population density.

Using Earth Pressure Balance TBMs excavating 2 x 15 km tunnel. The cutterhead was 6.88 m in diameter. The length of the TBM without backup was 10 m and 101 m with the back-up. Each EPB machine weighed 600 tonnes featuring an installed power of 1,600 kVA, a cutterhead power of 900 kW, a nominal torque of 7,000 kNm, a maximum rotating speed of 3 rpm and a nominal thrust of 44,000 kN. The tunnel lining with 1.4 m-long concrete segments. Geology consisting of clay (70%) and sand (30%).