Mel is an experienced tunnel and railway engineer and chartered transport planner with many years of experience in the planning, development, design, construction, and project management of railway, transportation system and tunnel projects.

Mel has an analytical, innovative and practical mind with considerable experience in line management, training, resource planning and financial controls.

Mel has 40 years experience of tunnelling works in both contracting and client environments and through that has gained a thorough understanding of the complexities of working with multiple stakeholders including London Underground, DLR and Network Rail, local authorities, statutory authorities, emergency services, government agencies and the public utilities in London and other parts of the UK both as a contractor and as a client planning and executing works.

Mel also has experience of tunnelling in East London on the Jubilee Line Extension and Channel Tunnel Rail Link, working in multi-national joint venture teams on the Channel Tunnel and in the Middle East, the action of ground movements from tunnelling works on underground and surface structures and buried services and Management of multi-discipline teams in the delivery of railway and tunnelling projects.